Post 12180 Involved with House Makeover in Dacula, GA

Gregory Doss, Post Adjuntant - 8/21/2020

Back in May 2020 members from the VFW Post 12180, VFW Post 5255, VFW District 3, and VFW Department of Georgia helped with the house makeover that was given to the Marquez family in Dacula, GA. The family was chosen by Military Makeover with Montel Williams television show on the Lifetime channel via a nomination. Volunteers from the posts and various other companies and other non-profits worked for 2-3 weeks for roughly 24 hours a day doing demolition and remodeling work on the home of the Marquez family. Today the episodes of the work done and the final reveal have been released. Check out how the work we did gave new hope and life to the family at the links below!
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