Proposed Commander-in-Chief Resolutions - 120th National Convention

Tony Dobbins State Commander - 4/24/2019

Please find attached the proposed resolutions from the Commander-in-Chief for the 120th National Convention, a memorandum from Adjutant General Kevin C. Jones and instructions for preparing and submitting resolutions and proposed amendments to the National Bylaws, Manual of Procedure or Ritual.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the proposed resolutions or submission of proposed National Bylaw, Manual of Procedure or Ritual amendments and/or resolutions, please contact David Prohaska, Director of Administrative Operations (816-968-1114,, or for general information, Tammie Gniotczynski at (816-968-2727,

Thank you.
Tammie Gniotczynski
Administrative Operations
VFW National Headquarters
Adjutant General Memorandum Click Here
Preparing Proposed Amendment To The National Bylaws, Manual Of Procedure Or Ritual Click Here